50 Java Concepts Every Developer Should Know

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What you'll find in this book:

  1. Primitive Data Types
  2. Operators and Expressions
  3. Control Structures (if, else, switch, loops)
  4. Methods and Classes
  5. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  6. Interfaces and Abstract Classes
  7. Exception Handling (try, catch, finally)
  8. Data Structures (Arrays, Lists, Maps)
  9. Collections and Methods
  10. Generics
  11. String Handling and Regular Expressions
  12. Wrapper Classes and Autoboxing/AutoUnboxing
  13. Enumerations
  14. Date and Time Handling (java.util.Date, java.time)
  15. I/O and File Handling
  16. Object Serialization and Deserialization
  17. Concurrency and Thread Handling (Threads)
  18. Thread Synchronization
  19. Memory Management and Garbage Collection
  20. Reference Types and Primitive Types
  21. Annotations and Reflection
  22. File and Directory Handling (java.nio)
  23. Networking and Communication
  24. Functional Programming with Java 8 (Lambda Expressions, Streams)
  25. JDBC and Database Handling
  26. Web Development Frameworks (Servlets, JSP)
  27. RESTful API Handling (JAX-RS)
  28. Data Persistence Frameworks (JPA, Hibernate)
  29. GUI Creation and Handling (Swing, JavaFX)
  30. Event Handling and Listeners
  31. Multithreading and Concurrent Programming
  32. Thread Handling and Synchronization
  33. Security and Encryption in Java
  34. Mobile App Development with Java (Android)
  35. Testing with JUnit and Mockito
  36. Dependency Management with Maven or Gradle
  37. API Creation with Spring Framework
  38. Dependency Injection in Spring
  39. Enterprise Application Development with Java EE
  40. Transaction Management (JTA)
  41. Microservice Development with Spring Boot 113
  42. Web Application Security (Spring Security)
  43. Design Patterns in Java
  44. XML and JSON Handling
  45. Web Services Creation and Consumption (SOAP)
  46. Desktop Application Development with Java
  47. Applet Creation and Integration in Web Browsers
  48. Game Development with Java and Libraries like LWJGL
  49. Cloud Computing with Java (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  50. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Java (Libraries like Weka, Deeplearning4j)
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50 Java Concepts Every Developer Should Know Guide

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50 Java Concepts Every Developer Should Know

0 ratings
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