50 JavaScript Concepts Every Developer Should Know

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What you'll find in this book:

  1. Call Stack
  2. Primitive Types
  3. Value Types and Reference Types
  4. Implicit, Explicit, Nominal, Structural, and Duck Typing
  5. == vs === vs typeof
  6. Function Scope, Block Scope, and Lexical Scope
  7. Expression vs Statement
  8. IIFE, Modules, and Namespaces
  9. Message Queue and Event Loop
  10. setTimeout, setInterval, and requestAnimationFrame
  11. JavaScript Engines
  12. Bitwise Operators, Typed Arrays, and Array Buffers
  13. DOM and Document Trees
  14. Factories and Classes
  15. this, call, apply, and bind
  16. new, Constructor, instanceof, and Instances
  17. Prototypal Inheritance and Prototype Chain
  18. Object.create and Object.assign
  19. map, reduce, and filter
  20. Pure Functions, Side Effects, State Mutation, and Event Propagation
  21. Closures
  22. High Order Functions
  23. Recursion
  24. Collections and Generators
  25. Promises
  26. async/await
  27. Data Structures
  28. Costly Operations and Big O Notation
  29. Algorithms
  30. Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Code Reusability
  31. Design Patterns
  32. Partial Application, Currying, Composition, and Pipe
  33. Clean Code
  34. Error Handling (try...catch)
  35. ES6 Modules
  36. Ternary Operator
  37. Spread and Rest Operators
  38. Destructuring
  39. Template Literals
  40. Arrow Functions
  41. Array Methods (forEach, some, every, find, findIndex, etc.)
  42. String Methods (split, trim, replace, etc.)
  43. Object Methods (keys, values, entries, etc.)
  44. Math Methods (floor, ceil, random, etc.)
  45. JSON and Object Serialization/Deserialization
  46. Fetch API and AJAX
  47. LocalStorage and SessionStorage
  48. WebSockets and Socket.IO
  49. Canvas and WebGL
  50. Testing with Jest or Mocha


  • Who is this guide designed for? This guide is designed for both those who are just beginning to explore the world of JavaScript and experienced programmers looking to reinforce and expand their knowledge. Concepts are presented gradually and accompanied by clear examples to accommodate different levels of experience.
  • Do I need prior programming experience? Prior programming experience is not necessary, but it is recommended to have at least a basic knowledge of programming fundamentals. The concepts are explained in an accessible manner, making this guide helpful for beginners.
  • Are the examples in the guide practical and applicable? Absolutely! Each concept is illustrated with practical examples that demonstrate how to apply them in real situations. These examples will help you understand how concepts work in practice and how they can be useful in your own projects.
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50 JavaScript Concepts Every Developer Should Know

13 ratings
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